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 About possible penalties

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Overlord of the Alternate Worlds

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PostSubject: About possible penalties   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:17 am

I'm sure we all want that the staff doesn't have to proceed to any of the penalties other than simple notifications of minor mishaps but...
It does happen.

Small mistakes - like double-posts and image size mistakes - are not that bad. The staff will simply let you know of it in the topic itself or via personal message. We are all human and make mistakes.

Excessive swearing, spamming and such are more commonly frowned upon. The staff will warn you of these and modify/delete the unwanted posts.

Bad behavior towards other members, posting disturbing and/or copyrighted material without permission and other more rude behavior is very much unwanted. In these cases the staff has the right to act without a warning - modify and/or delete posts - and let the admin know.

If it's getting clear someone for some bizarre reasons is deliberately ignoring the rules and acts like a jerk, the staff will ban the member temporarily.
Temporal banning can happen three times before the staff will proceed to a permanent ban.
However, permanent ban can be given if after the first temporal one there's no sign of improvement in the behavior.

To make sure the staff doesn't have to take any of the harsh actions to use, follow the rules and if you're uncertain of something, ask! No one will point at you, call you a noob and laugh (if someone does that, let a moderator know).
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About possible penalties
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