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 Avatars and signatures

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Overlord of the Alternate Worlds
Overlord of the Alternate Worlds

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PostSubject: Avatars and signatures   Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:46 pm

These were already posted in the universal rules topic but just to make things clear...

Avatar is that icon image displayed next to your posts. The size limit for the avatar is W150 x H200 and the file size 64KB.
Avatars that somehow manage to exceed the size limit are not allowed.

If you have too big of an avatar, the staff will notify you of it and you have the chance to resize it.
If nothing else, the staff will proceed to remove your avatar.

If you need help in resizing, ask the staff or your fellow members.

Signature is displayed under your posts and it can have text, image or both in it.

To keep things tidy and good-looking, the signature image size limit is W400 x H150 pixels.
Images larger than that in signatures are not allowed.

Like before, the staff will let you know if the image is too big and you have the chance to resize it.
If notifications are ignored, the staff will remove the image from your signature.

The staff and fellow members (yes, YOU) are there to help you if you need help resizing it.

This goes for both avatars and signature images:
The image content should never be offending. This means no excessive gore, sexual or otherwise disturbing content.
And no matter how nice those flashy animated avatars and images are... No. If the image is a mass of flickering lights, it must be changed. There is a condition known as epilepsy.
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Avatars and signatures
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