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 Rules to live by

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Overlord of the Alternate Worlds
Overlord of the Alternate Worlds

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PostSubject: Rules to live by   Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:53 am

1. What's the big idea?
Alternate Worlds is a message board with its main focus on roleplaying (RPing) and hosting both derived and original roleplays created by its members and offering a chance for general discussion among them.

2. About roleplays
Alternate Worlds has two sections for roleplays: Derivative and Original.

Derivative roleplays are - like the name suggests - derived from an existing concept, like a game or a movie for example.
There are three categories in Derivative Roleplays; Fantasy, Scifi and Other Genres. Make sure to post your roleplay in the right category.

Original roleplays are roleplays with concepts created by our members. Sometimes even the sky isn't a limit when it comes to originality!
Like Derivative roleplays, Original ones also have three categories and one should make sure to post their roleplay in the right category.

It should be noted that roleplays with a non-existing or extremely short intro are not wanted since we want to have some depth in our roleplays.
So, if you are planning to post a roleplay intro to any of the sections, make sure you put some effort into the intro in order to make it interesting and less likely to be removed by the staff. We want quality over quantity.

If you decide to create or take part in a roleplay, don't abandon it after first few posts.
If a member has been absent from a roleplay for an excessive amount of time, the creator of the said roleplay has the right to decide to ignore the member's character(s) and continue as wanted.
However, if the absent player makes a comeback and presents a reason for their prolonged absence the actions mentioned above are not necessary.

Roleplays with any amount of players will (most likely) have a posting order.
Unless it's stated otherwise, the posting order must be followed.

Roleplays that have been dead for an excessive amount of time will be removed by the staff.

3. Keeping in topic
This is very essential, especially in the roleplays. If there is a need to discuss some aspects of the roleplay, there is a section meant for that. The roleplay creator can make a topic for discussing their respective roleplay's events, plot, characters, etc.
This means OOC (Out Of Character) talk should be kept at minimum in the roleplay itself.

Keeping in topic is a good thing to do in the other sections as well. If nothing else, the staff will remind you if in-topic talk seems to be hard thing to do.

4. Respect thy fellow player
This should be clear even without saying. We don't want to see bashing, flaming or otherwise bad behavior towards our fellow roleplayers.
If there is a disagreement that is about to get out of hand, don't start to solve it in the discussion boards. We don't want to see two or more members fighting over something. If it's something between two members, take it to PMs (Personal Message).

The staff members will give a warning if behavior is starting to get rude but they also have the right to modify or remove any offending messages.

5. Spamming and advertising
It's nice to have a big post count, I know but that doesn't give you the right to spam the forum with posts containing only few measily words or a ridiculous amount of emoticons.
Posts containing only one word or just emoticons are considered as spam and will be deleted.
If you are answering to a question, try to make your reply more than just "yes" or "no". Contribute with your own thoughts!

Making topics only to advertise your own website - be it a deviantART account or a fansite made from scratch - is not allowed.
However, you can have a link to your website in your signature.

6. Avatars and signatures
Avatar is the small icon displayed at the side of your post. There is a size limit for it so stick to it. The staff will notify you if it's too big.
Also, make sure your avatar is not offensive. This means no excessive gore, sexual content or otherwise disturbing material. And, PLEASE... Nothing too flashy animated avatars, either. There is a condition known as epilepsy.

Same rules apply for signatures as well. The size limit for a signature picture is W400 x H150 pixels so keep to it. It can be smaller, though. And none of those clickable little creatures. No one is going to click them anyway.
Signature can also contain text so make sure you don't make the font huge or just fill it with emoticons.

7. Copyrighted material
If you are going to post something that is not yours, make sure you give proper credits to the original creator. This applies for the Derivative roleplay concepts as well!

In the Art & Literature section, make sure all the material you post is your own. Art theft is also known as plagiarism and it is crime.

If the copyrights are violated, the staff has the right to remove the post without a warning.

8. Language usage
It has to be admitted, some roleplays wouldn't be the same without some cussing so we don't downright deny swearing... In roleplays.
Otherwise, keep your language tidy. A forceful word every now and then is not serious bu if you drop the F bomb all the time, the staff will have to eliminate such a threat. In other words, you will be warned and if warnings aren't enough, the posts will be removed.

9. Are you a part of the staff?
If not, don't act like one. If there is a problem the staff should be aware of, send them a PM (Personal Message) about the issue. If you're not sure which one of the staff members to contact, try the one who is online at the moment or send it directly to the admin (Tossu-sama).

Also, exceissve begging, bribing, threatening, blackmailing or butt-kissing won't make you a moderator. Deal with it.

10. Have fun!
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Rules to live by
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